The V Day Disaster…Ok Not A Disaster But Still…

Ever plan something and it not go right at all? Well, personally, can’t say that I have considering, I’m a huge procrastinator and leave everything to the last minute or just go with the flow…plans?? Who needs em? If you don’t make plans than you won’t be disappointed when they don’t follow through. Oh, yeah…I’m an adult and adults tend to plan things out…oh what I wouldn’t give to have an carefree night like in my youth. Still, being an adult, doesn’t stop me from procrastinating. So that being said, I made plans.                                                

So I posted the other day about the lilies I received for an early V day gift and what I planned on making for supper since the weather outside wasn’t the greatest. That’s basically all I planned. Make supper. Pick up a V day gift for Shay. Well my day started off as a surprise, as Shay and I had breakfast bought for us. Great way to wake up and it wasn’t expected. Sweet. Then I got a second bouquet of flowers, orchids, as a make up gift for the early lilies. Day is starting off great.                                                                    Image           So I get up to make caramel apples. Which were delicious!!


Give Shay her V day gift, which she loved. I dont get her junk/treats cause she’s not big on sugar so it goes to waste.


Next was supper…so I got the ham out and all glazed and pineapple on top and then I layered up the casserole dish with potatoes and onions for the potato scallop. Cool. I turned the oven on to preheat it and while its preheating I was doing the flour/milk/butter/salt/pepper mix to pour on top of the potatoes. Well, what does my oven go and do?? Catch fire… ugh!! Of course this happens to me. The damn element decided it wanted to burn my house down I guess. Sooooo since everything was already and I had no oven to cook in, I had to haul ass to my mom’s,who luckily for me lives one street over. So my driveway is treacherous. We have two big full of food dishes we need to bring and cook. Cant wait for this day to be over. 



Ask the girls for a Valentine’s picture and this is what I get lol. One being a creeper, one with their arms crossed, saying “Hmmmp!” back turned and mean mugging and the other one chuckin the deuce up. Hope your V day was better than ours LOL. 

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Momma Laid Down The Law Today…Meaning, New House Rules!



  So today I laid down some new rules. You may not agree with them, which is cool, this isn’t your house, it is mine and until you pay my bills or finance me, your opinion really doesn’t matter. Let me just say that first of all. So my child, who for years and years has been really good with cleaning up after herself and taking care of her books and toys and showing appreciation for her stuff, all of of sudden is the complete opposite. Her room is ALWAYS a mess. Her toys, she doesn’t take care of them nor does she show any appreciation for them. I get the whole “when they go to school their attitudes get bigger”situation, but the difference in my child is like day and night. I never in a million years imagined a little 7 year old kid could break me down and just make me cry my face off, but that is what happened today. I’m so over the back talking and everything else. Her new favorite line is “I dont have to listen to you” and I’m just like “News flash Honey, you have to listen to me until A) You can move out on your own or B) You pay my bills,so until that happens or you turn 18, you’re going to have to listen to me”




    I suppose it doesn’t help matters that she has received a large amount of toys between now and Christmas. Not even going to deny it, she is spoiled. However she just used to be spoiled, not a brat. Now she’s a spoiled brat lol. I think it has to do with the fact that from Christmas until now, she literally has received gifts every two days. From all the stuff she got at Christmas, which was ALOT, to all the stuff that came in the mail late, to money inside of cards and gift cards, she’s always getting something new. I go out every two days and buy my groceries fresh. Veggie and fruit wise, I prefer fresh over canned or frozen. So when I do a quick pick up, Shay always asks to come in. I say yes. Then she asks to spend her money. The rules are when she gets money, she can spend it on whatever she wants or needs. I don’t pick her stuff out for her. Then after the Christmas stuff got spent, her birthday comes along, which means another large assortment of toys, money and gifts cards. Well today I had a melt down. I don’t know if I was tired,frustrated, hormonal or what, but her attitude, the whole “I don’t have to listen to you” and the mess in her room and disregard for her toys, made me cry. 

  Here goes the new rules. She is no longer allowed food, drinks or treats in her room. After finding chips under her bed, juice boxes and chocolate in her bed and juice box straws along with wrappers on her floor, she lost that privilege.

  She must ask permission to take toys out and play with them. Where as before she could just help herself. Since she no longer likes to put her toys away, leaves her DSi games laying all around, broke arms and legs off her MH dolls, and lost a bunch of pieces to board games we can’t find, this is so that doesn’t happen again. She can take out a toy, play, put it back, and get a new one. No more floor, top bunk, bottom bunk, living room and kitchen full of toys. 

Anything that involves markers, paints or crayons must be used in the kitchen. Before I didn’t care. She could color where ever and whenever…UNTIL, she started leaving her markers laying around with no tops on, which she just recently started doing and falling asleep with markers in her bed and waking up multicolored and with multicolored bedding.

No toys allowed in the living room. That room is for everyone. Not her toys. No toys allowed in the kitchen unless its marker/paint/mess related like playdoh and stuff.

Once she starts to appreciate her belongings again and take care of her stuff, she will gain the opportunity to have treats and drinks in her room as well as being able to use multiple toys at a time. 

So with those rules, I hope her treatment of her things greatly improves. Wish me luck. xFingersCrossedx






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Happy 7th Birthday Shaylyn!!!












Not Into It….Mom Moments

                 So Shaylyn turned 7 on the 6th. Tomorrow is her bday party. Am I a horrible parent because I’m not into it? I just want it to hurry up and happen and be done with. Since my kid has been a baby, we have always had weekend long celebrations of her bday. She’s always had more than one cake. She always gets to do stuff besides have a party. Go to the movies, go swimming and so on. I still have treat bags to fill out,which normally I love to do,but I’m just not into it this year. The list of kid invites keeps increasing. I have been hearing her talk about her bday since summer, maybe that’s why I’m so over it. I also dont wanna hear,see or look after 16 screaming, sugar induced,hyper kids. I’m dreading tomorrow and it isnt even here yet. We already had a surprise bday lunch for her at my nans, where she received gifts, had cupcakes and pizza and fruit. On the 6th, she also received more presents….I need some patience. I’m sure I wont feel this way tomorrow when her party starts happening and I get to see how excited she is with all her friends, but I still need to fill out treat bags and pick her cake up before the party even begins



Hello Kitty Cupcakes with bubblegum flavored frosting 🙂



Fruit tray,which was horribly sticky to cut up.



Surprise bday lunch at Nan’s 🙂

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Must Be Gremlins


Hates being annoyed as soon as I wake up… so here goes the start of my day, mind you, it is only 8:32am and I already have complaints. So last week I was complaining on facebook about how many pairs of mittens Shay has lost already and its only the beginning of January. Not missing a mitt from a set, but 7 full sets of mittens. Our colder weather started off slow in Atlantic Canada this year, well in New Brunswick anyways because we had an “Indian Summer”. I was wearing just hoodies without a coat beginning of December. If any of you are familiar with Canadian winters, you know that’s probably without a doubt, our longest season. We get snow in April/May sometimes. Anyways not only has she lost mittens but also 4 hats and a pair of ear muffs. So early this morning, I frantically searched for a hat.None.She did however have one yesterday so I must have a hat/mitten gremlin that comes along and swipes em all while we sleep. After 25 minutes of a Where’s Waldo type of hunt for Shay’s hat, I gave up.  Whatever. Her coat is brand new, with a nice thick hood so off to school we go. It wasn’t cold out this morning so I figured let’s walk up to school, since it is only 5 minutes away. Which was a God awful,horrible idea considering the sidewalks were nothing but sheets of ice without any sand or salt on them. So the normal 5 minute walk turned into a 15 minute walk as I watched Shay try and maintain her balance as best as she could while almost wiping out not only once, but 7 different times….My day just started and its already a bitch. Uggggggh. 

Hope you all are having a much better start to your day than me. Good morning. Time for some hot tea and a hot shower. love to you all xo


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Tie Dye With The Girls



So I babysat my friend’s child, Zoe, and her Shay and I tie dyed shirts. Long sleeve ones since its winter but they seemed to enjoy it regardless. I shouldn’t even say “babysat”, Zoe came over to chill cause her Mom got unexpectedly called into work. So we had some fun to keep us all entertained 🙂




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Just To Let Ya Know What’s Up

So it’s been awhile since I actually sat down and posted a new post full of info and pictures letting you all know what’s been going on. Well here she goes:


Shaylyn got a new fish. Her tank is pink, super girly and cute. She originally wanted to name her fish Twinkle so I went all through the pet store looking for a fish that looked like a “Twinkle”. Turns out the prettier betas, just like birds, are male. So we found one and she decided to name him Brody since he’s a boy,and Brody’s house is pink lol. 

Image School has been going really good for Shay as well 🙂 Proud mommy. Plus we moved closer to her school. We are literally a 5 minute walk away or a 60 second drive. One street over from my Momma. Not an apartment, nor is it a house like I usually try finding. It is however a duplex and my landlord lives upstairs and is really wonderful and super nice. Plus her husband has type 1 diabetes and told me if I’m ever too low to help myself out bang on the wall and one of them will come down to help me.How thoughtful and considerate is that eh?





Halloween was amazing and is still my favorite day of the year.Unfortunately I didn’t dress up this year. Couldn’t find anything. I did however end up going to a Halloween themed Bday party for my P.I.C.’s brother. The girls dressed up as Monster High characters. 






We also had an ice storm. Havent had one this bad since 1998. Is it bad that I’ve been secretly wishing for one since ’98? I think everything looks so pretty covered in ice. It looks all glassy with a magically wintery look. I hate winter but I love ice storms ❤ ALOT of people however in Atlantic Canada ended up losing their power for quite awhile. 


Shay FINALLY got a hair cut!!!!! Thank you Jesus!! It was getting beyond long and super frustrating to deal with. Plus I don’t have to buy as much conditioner or detangler now nor do I spend 20-35 minutes of my day just to brush it out…she was really cool about the whole thing so we went for ice cream afterwards. I expected her to cry.




Spent Christmas with my 5 favorite girls in the whole wide world. Who are totally cool little kids that just love posing for the camera ❤ Love them all so very,very,much xoxo


Got a card in the mail all the way from Manitoba from my Dear friend Terri-lynn and pictures of her girls which totally brightened up my whole entire day when I seen it in the mailbox 🙂 xoxo




Also got into a car accident. Everyone was okay though. Afterwards maddie and Shay had a Princess PJ Party/sleepover and it was full of junk of course. We did manage to use our new snow cone machine, which the girls loved, so it was great. 


And I have a new found love for Cool Blue Gatorade. Obsessed is more like it. That’s what’s been happening in life. Hope everything is going good for you all 🙂

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Stylin & Profilin-Back To School….

    So tomorrow is the first day back to school for my little grade 1er ❤ My child at the age of 6, is ridiculous with her clothing. If she’s this bad at 6, God help me at 16. Kicks, had to be name brand, Coat, yup that had to be name brand too…clothes from Wal-Mart apparently werent good enough but Osh Kosh,Carter’s and Old Navy were just fine. I do however like her choice in bookbag she picked out…it has peace signs on it lol ❤ thats my girl 🙂  I will post a pick of her tomorrow in her new threads…






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Peas & Thanks :)

Image             So we went out to check on the garden today and BAM!! Peas were grown. Say Whaaaat?? Oh yes,PEAS!! Not all but some, which makes me excited, that we actually grew something. Shaylyn, who doesn’t like peas,she did when she was a baby BUT somebody feed her green beans which she hated and has never been a fan of peas ever since, I think she gets the two confused. 

Image           So Shaylyn gets super excited and starts picking them,which not all of them were ready for harvesting,but I understand her excitement. I guess these ones werent scarey for her since we grew them. So she keeps asking to open one and wants to see what they look like but we kept telling her to hold on. Well I guess her curiosity got the best of her because it was long before I hear a little popping sound and shes popping peas out of the pods and eating them. Ummm what happened to her dislike of peas?? 

Image      After eating raw peas fresh from the garden,which Shay said tasted good cause they were sweet, she tells me to bring some back to the campsite to cook them,so I did. I’m pretty proud of our little garden and next year I am going to plant a bigger one. We had our fresh peas with supper and they were pretty good and totally pesticide free 🙂 Yay!! 


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Summer Lovin, Had Me A Blast


 So we’ve been spending our summer days basically how the song Toes goes I got my toes in the water, ass in the sand Not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand Life is good today. Life is good today. Been Zoo trippin it up with Shay Shay, had a PEI visit to see some of her cousins and basically spent the rest of summer out Hardings Point Campground. She has little friends that come out for sleep overs, we’ve been watching ALOT of Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer. Throwback Thursday Movie Nights which basically means we watch a movie from my childhood, which is interesting to see how emotional she gets over certain movies.  It must be a girl thing cause all the ones I cry at or have cried at so does she hahaha. Bridge To Terabithia and The Odd Life of Timothy Green made her cry, The Goonies scared her until the end. She loves anything with the Olsen Twins in it. We went to my Aunt and Uncle’s trailer in St.Andrews to have a fam jam BBQ. Today, we discovered that Shay and the guy that owns the trailer next to us are related. Cool beans. 


She’s loving all the time she gets in the pool


And all her sleep overs






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