So we moved. To a skecthy neighbourhood.It looks like something from a horror film, The Devil’s Rejects type shit. My neighbour seems nice but he was warning me about other neighbours breaking in and stealing stuff. These people look crazy. I feel trapped where I live. Its awful and kinda seculeded. If I die there will be a horror film made. My “cottage” looks likes a crack shack. Its ugly. I hate it. I hate my life being there. Im gonna go stir crazy in such a small spot. Shay’s room is cute and decorated all girly but thats about it. The shower is horrible and has NO water pressure and barely ever has warm water. I think Im gonna get a dog to feel safer. A big mean scary looking dog that looks mean but really isnt just to scare people into staying away. I have this 5 year old kid thats walks in whenever he wants with his dog. Its annoying. UGGGHHH!!! So far I have been patient. I have had good manners. I dont know how long this will last however.

The only reason why I took this place was because it was an emergency. I had no choice really in the matter. I needed a place ASAP. I left my place the day before and we stayed in a motel that night. The next day I had to find something, even if it is a dump. Anyways hopefully my neighbours dont kill me LOL and I will make a new post soon. Maybe. I left everything with value at my nan’s. Computer included. Dont wanna give these people a motive to break in. Peace!!

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It’s that time of year again :)

So its about that time for Neil’s birthday,which he hates celebrating, and I just placed an order for special cupcakes 🙂 Pretty excited about that. I made an order from Piece O’Cake for Toronto Maple Leaf Cupcakes 🙂 He loves TML, I think hes made a wrong choice for a hockey team personally but still lol anyways I ordered him PEANUT BUTTER UNDERCOVER –
Peanut butter Cupcake filled and covered with Chocolate Buttercream and rolled In Peanut butter chips with TML logos on them and MINT TO BE – Chocolate cupcake with Mint Buttercream…so far but either way Im getting him cupcakes and I was also looking at a Habs cake with a fonadant knife in it cause he hates the Canadiens, I however do not but its not my birthday. I hope she responds back to my email because according to some posts on her FB page shes been slack at reading her emails. So hopefull y this plan works out and if not theres always Diary Queen.
These are the TML Pina Colada Cupcakes she had posted so it kinda of gives you a rough idea of what I am talking about. Either way Im so excited 🙂 Ne is gonna hate my life for making him celebrate but oh well 🙂 ❤

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Lilly <3

So Neil & I took Lilly to the vet yesterday and I couldnt believe how polite they were. They were so nice. Well after I filled out the papers and got Lilly registered we went into the roomso the Vet could do the check up. He said she appears to being doing fine, not dehydrated and she just started eating. Her weight was 6 pounds and her temperature was fine 🙂

 He basically said that like humans, cats and dogs can have “off days” where they dont feel good and that Lilly appears to be coming around. He asked me if I would like blood work or anything done but he didnt recommend it so I decided against it. He did tell me I should buy this medicine that will help coat her stomach and help her eat more at $15 a bottle so I did. Then he tells me dogs can have Pepto Bismol..??? really?? he continued on telling me that when a dog is sick they can take Pepto but cats cant and he also said if Lilly ever had digestive problems to give her a Pepcid AC…yup thats a true statement right there.

I just felt the need to share that new found wisdom the Vet told me lol. Anyways there was also a book there called the cat enyclopedia which I read stuff on cats that I never in amillion years would have known if I didnt look at that book. Myths and Legends. It was crazy. Anyways Lill is home and shes her usual self. I knew she was feeling better as soon as she stuck her head up to the bath looking for attention while I was in it. She used to do it all the time as a kitten. So thats some good news. Happy shes gonna be okay.  PeaceOuttie!

Lilly wanting me to pet her while I was in the bath... Creeper Cat LOL

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Where Art Thou Nanny?!?!

 That is all…. 🙂

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Hey White Liar, The Truth Comes Out A Little At A Time

Ugh, I hate my life today. It started last night. Ok anyways this guy, I will refer to him as Douchebag cause thats what he’s listed in my phone as, has the goddamn audacity to tell me hes going to get the cops to call me. UMM WHY BUD?! Cause I told you to step up and be a mother fuckin man and pay your child’s babysitter that you promised you would, that just so happens to be my friend who has been royaly fucked around with over money the past 2 months?? I didnt threaten him so I was like ok whatever bud,good luck with that. That originally pissed me off considering dont tell somebody “I have your money” and then be a no show. Like WTF?! She needed her paper. Anyways its sad to say but it did kinda brighten my life up cause Ive been hearing so much about this douche so getting mouthy a lil bit made me happy. Im not going to get into any details on here but trust me people, this guy is a complete douchebag. COMPLETE!

               So after that this girl who shall remain nameless tells me one thing and then tells my friend who is also a mutual friend a totally different story, they never ever seem to add up. NEVER. I dont know if shes lying or if she gets so baked she doesnt know what shes talking about but still its ridiculous and a headache. I dont care how pathetic the truth is,I will have way more respect for people who tell me the truth even if it makes them look kinda bad then have somebody lie to my face or threw text. Theres just so much BS and drama in my life right now thats not needed and its funny cause I never complain, I write. I dont bitch at them. Mainly because I think it gives me something to write about.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   People dont understand fully that when the have shit going on in their life and you bring other people into it, your bringing that into your friends life also. Im not talking about teenage drama childish shit, but yes that does apply, but the emotional baggage of the whole situation. Seeing your friend(s) break down and cry and just be miserable about whats going on in their life hurts, because you know thats not who the are. I dont think too many people realize that. I hate seeing people break down. Seeing that side of weakness in somebody. Seeing a friend be so vulnerable. Sooo much stuff has been going on these past couple days and none of it has been too good. With pretty much everybody I know. I dont know how to fix people. I can try. I can fix most situations or make them easier. But as for a person?? A person is hard to fix, especially when they’re tired of basically everything. Life in this city is awful. Horrible. Hate this place. I have lived all across Canada and I hate the place I grew up. I only come back cause my family is here. If I had no family I would never return. People here are very easily depressed. Our suicide rate is ridiculous for a small city. RIDICULOUS. So many people jump the Reversing Falls Bridge, if you dont know what that is, Google it. Waste of life. Its a shame. Suicide is so selfish. I dont care if somebody doesnt like that comment its a true fuckin statement. Its selfish. Youre not happy here so you end your life, do what you want and hurt everybody close to you?? Yup that sounds selfish to me….                                                


I just dont know what to do anymore. I want everybody to be happy. Thats what I want. For EVERYBODY, even little pukes that I cant stand, to be happy. The world will be better off if it had a tad bit more motherfuckin happiness in it. Really though. Im gonna be happy for a week straight. Not gonna let anything bother me. If I see somebody I dont wanna be around Im gonna act like they dont exsist and continue on with my new found happiness and Im gonna see how improved my emotional level is gonna be. Somedays Im emotionally Fuck-tarded. Its crazy. I dont wanna be but I have a hormonal imbalance thanx to type 1 diabetes and my useless, Im just hanging around doin nothing, pancreas.

I gotta stop enabling my dysfunctional friends. I will be the first to admit that if somebody I know is roughing it and I know they have a weakness that makes them happy, weather it be alcohol or drugs, I will get it for them. Maybe Im just really hoping it will brighten their life up even if it is only temporarily. I know Im not right by any means doing so. I know this.  UGH FML… I just dont know what to do anymore. Drugs and or alcohol is ONLY a temp fix, and not even a fix all the time. So I gotta stop offering. Maybe the whole city needs anti depressants…who knows. I sure as hell dont. I really just needed to vent and never expected so much to just come out. By anymeans I personally dont have ANY problems with alcohol or drugs. And dont get on me about weed cause I dont classify Marijuana as a “drug”. Maybe thats the problem. Maybe people ARENT smoking enough of it and the ones who dont should try it out. Im just saying. Hold up,wait a minute maybe EVERYBODY needs to put some kush up in it…

Sometimes I just wanna wish this life away. Be somewhere else. Different enviroment. Different place and different faces.Looking into moving to Grand Manan. Anyways folks Im done with the bitching for now cause I gotta make a post about my kitty lol so peace easies and hopefully your lives are full of happiness. PEACE!!

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One Sick Kitty…..

 Ugh! My cat Lilly is so sick 😦 I have a tiny calico cat which I named Lilly after my fav flower and now shes sick 😦 which totally upsets me. I bought her at a pet store and paid $65 for her, I didnt get her from some random person or kijiji ad. I chose her. I went into the pet store, looked at the kittens and was like “which one of ya’s want a home?” and she jumped onto the cage so I took her. Anyways for the past couple days shes been right sick, not eating, and lost a ridiculous amount of weight,mind you she wasnt big to begin with but still she lost enough weight to notice it. I can’t get her into a vet until Monday 😦  I bought her new cat food, cat milk, pretty much anything to see is she will eat it but its still a no go. I hope she makes it till Monday which now Im starting to have my doubts. Neil and I made an appointment for 5:30 after his course is over. One episode of Betty Boop shows a sick kitty and they give him catnip, Im ready to try anything. I love my pets. I make sure they are taken care of. I support causes like Peta and I donate money to the Animal Rescue League, I also support this place in NS that saves horses from being killed for human consumption, sick I know right?! I will make a new post on Monday after I take her to the vet and find out whats wrong with her. I sure hope she will be fine 😦 Until then Peace Outtie


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Fun in the Sun with Ne & Shay

   So Tuesday was SUPER nice out and I sure as fuck wasnt gonna waste the day or the beautiful weather by staying inside. Shay and I went outside with a gallon of bubbles, her bubble machine, sidewalk chalk and frezies, until Neil got done with his course. Then we ventured off to the beach to make sand castles and collect sea shells. It was great. Off course we were only there about 10 minutes and Shay wipes out soaking her dress and getting dirty but I expected that so it was no biggie. Her little dress can easily be replaced considering it was from Old Navy, and that place is right cheap. So No Worries :)She loved her life being at the beach. Me not so much after I seen those gross black spiders coming out from underneath the rocks mostly cause I was wearing sandles.   

I really wanted to take Shay outta there before she seen the spiders anyways, or she would never go to another beach in her life again. They werent around down on the sand, just by the rocks but that just so happens to be where the hermit crab shells are unfortunately. I always go there to look for shells…I know, another nerdy habit lol but I love being outside and I love the beach.

 After the beach we went to my mothers house so Shay could play with my baby sisters. I dont really bring her over there too much and have no reason for not bringing her I just dont. I really should though. Besides Neil loves it when my Uncle Peter is there anyways because they tune everybody else out and converse with each other the whole entire time lol but I don’t care. They mostly talk about sports and fishing and hunting,. My family is full of girls anyways so my Uncle probably appericiates Neil’s life when we are over there lol. I mean at supper theres usually me, Cheryl, Brookie, Hannah, Shay, Mom< Aunt Rocky and Aunt Traci, Uncle Peter is the only male in the family that comes over for big family suppers and sometimes my Uncle Terry and his girlfriend but other than that its usually just us girls.

Shay LOVED being at my moms. LOVED IT!! ❤ Probably cause my mom has everything in her backyard, playhouse, slide, slip and slide, trampoline,bikes, powered and peddle,then theres usually Emily, Hannah, Brookie & Maddie for her to play with. I think thats why she prolongs it when I try and leave. She always enjoys being there, My mom took her for a walk in the wagon I just layed around the deck and soaked up some sun.

 She’s gonna love it when she sees what I got her. I went out last night and bought her a pink hoolahoop, some purple grape scented bubbles, a HUGE bucket of sidewalk chalk and a Barbie kite. Last summer she had cats on her legs most of the summer so she didnt do too much. She went to the IWK Children’s Hospital for surgery on her feet  and was stucks in cats for a couple months. She got them off in August and we went to the beach EVERY nice warm day after that. We dont gotta wait this year 🙂 Peace!!

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