Bummed Out Rainy Day with Deezy & Shay


     Today was pretty cold out & rainy at times so the 3 of us did a quick walk and 8 blocks later Diesel,FINALLY, did his business outside. Felt like a small victory. 1 less dog mess.


    Shay & Diesel played in the yard for a bit. I cleaned the entire house but other then that the day was pretty boring and lazy. My sister & I both took naps and I’m not talking about the babies kinda tired, boring, lazy day.


    I also realized how ridiculously low the mirror in the downstairs bathroom is. I mean I’m 5’3 and have to duck to look in it.


Don’t mind the bad mess that is me lol just one of those days 😛 Peace Out!! xo

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Too Clumsy For Life


     So in 3 days I fell down the stairs twice. Not impressed. Almost cut my finger off cooking supper. Spilt Jell-o all over the floor cause I thought layers of different flavored Jell-o would be a cute treat for Shay. Not surprised though. Oh and I almost fell down the stairs in the living room. Yup. That was my week. I am super clumsy though. Trippin over nothing. Always cut or almost cut myself while cooking or cutting up fruit & veggies. Poor Shay, when she was little I accidently banged her head off the truck trying to put her in her carseat. I also fell down the stairs while holding her. She was fine. Landed on me. Cut the palm of my hand wide open cutting up cantalope. Walked into a tree when I was little, split my eye wide open. Almost cut my thumb off peeling potatoes. Smashed my head off ice while curling. Smashed my head off ice while slidding.  Burnt myself ALOT!!! Got discoloration on my arm from burning myself with tea, it looks like a birth mark. I am accident prone. Always have been.I asked Shay what she was getting me for my birthday, joking of course, and she happily replies BAND-AIDS 🙂


Peace Outtie! 🙂 ******hopefully there will be no accidents today :\ ******


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Cuddle Bugs


      So our puppy Diesel is a big sook bag. Hates to be alone, always wants to cuddle. He won’t go outside by himself and he won’t leave the deck unless you walk down the stairs with him. If Ne & I go outside and he was sitting with us on the couch, he will go lay with Shay until we come back inside. We were lucky enough to get a great pic of them sleeping together.


       I think he has seperation anxiety. He was a “barn dog”, which basically just means he lived in a barn until he got a home. He also had a previous owner, the guy we got him from, his daughter was his 1st owner but only had him a short time because she got a new apartment that does not allow dogs soooooo back to the barn he went until we drove out to Norton and got him 🙂  He takes up my whole entire bed because he has to sleep with somebody, which is fine for now BUT he’s gonna be a huge dog so hopefully he’ll start to sleep by himself if I get him a dog bed. Anyways G2G Peace easies!!! xo


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So we got a dog and his name is Diesel. We have enough room so we figured why not… I really wish we could’ve found this house when we had Shelby though.


Anyways that’s all for now. Peace xox

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Paramedics & A Sleep Over with the Bestie :)



  Sooooo I also forgot to mention, I have been seeing the paramedics ALOT lately. My sugar is always, always, always low. Do not feel it coming on anymore. It happens so quickly. I’ve lowered my insulin, ate more, nothing seems to help.


        Its getting to the point where I know the paramedics by name. I had an IV hanging outta my arm on my couch today… YAY!! Not! Now I gotta big ol bruise & I look like a junkie. FFS.


                  I don’t think I will ever be able to live alone. Ever. My sugar was 0.7… I surprised the paramedic last week when my sugar came up & he asked me what I thought it was… 4.1 I said. He checked. I was correct.


        On the plus side, Katelynn & Baby John came to spend the night. Pretty pumped about that. She’s FINALLY doing something about her bf’s anger/control issues. Good job her. He flipped out, like a nut, over her going to the DWW/ DJ Pauly D concert, with her aunt & cousin. Anyways I’m not going to get into detail about that by I’m glad she’s doing something about it instead of continuously allowing him to treat her that way. So yay!! 


That’s all for now. PEACE 🙂

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So I adopted, yet again, another animal. His name is Gizmo & he’s a chinchilla my friend had but could not take with her when she moved. I adore him. He’s alot of work but I still think he’s great. My baby sister Brookie calls him Gizzy. 


Brooklyn loves him. Its so cute.


Easter was great. Shay got the bike she wanted along with a couple Monster High Dolls & a Lala Loopsy doll, & lots of clothes. Got moved into the house & all 3 girls were here, Brookie & Maddie came for a sleepover. It was great. I love my little sisters.


We played outside, went to the playground, watched movies…. it was easier than what I thought it would be with 3 high energy, little girls. 

Court went well. I have a no contact order on somebody I didn’t converse with anyways. Only problem is, I don’t know these people, soooo advoiding them may be difficult considering I don’t know what they look like.

I probably should be sleeping but I’ve been watching Long Island Medium all night & now that it is over 3rd Rock From The Sun is coming on and I’m not tired, so looks like I will be watching that also.


Shay on her bike


Brookie on Shay's old bike


Madison & Brooklyn


Shay & Maddie

We also got into a pretty bad car accident. Buddy went threw a stop sign. Fast. His excuse was, its a new rental car, he meant to hit the break and hit the gas… ummm wtf?! Really?! He hit us pretty bad. The front end of the jeep is destroyed. He almost smashed buddy’s deck. It was pretty intense. I now sketch out ALOT when we’re driving somewhere. I think Neil is just upset we can’t go mudding now.


He likes to drive where he shouldn’t,  ALOT.


Anyways, that’s what has been happening. Peace!

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