Oh My Bunnies!!

Pets Unlimited is full of  baby bunnies!!!! Of course, I WANT ONE!!!!!! I went over to get Tater some rabbit food,some treats & was also looking into getting her a bigger cage. Neil was like, ooohh come here, I walked around the corner & BAM!!! Bunny Ville. Dwarf rabbits, floppy earred bunnies, ones with the lion mane… stole my heart. The cashier looks at me and says “You can’t change the whole world hunny” ummm 1st of all lady, you don’t know me so you have no idea what I am capable of 2nd Wtf are you smoking??  I never thought I’d change the world by getting a bunny from Pets Unlimited’s horrible establishment 3rd thanx for the negativity… Gees! Really though. LOL seeing their cute little faces made my cranky, horrible night so much better 🙂


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Too Bitchy For Facebook


So I’ve had a loooong, busy day. Ugh. Posts on facebook are annoying me, so I logged off before I posted my bitchiness online and offended people. I need to get my computer fixed. I NEED TOO!!!!! That way I can update my blocked list so I no longer have to see comments, pix or tags of people I hate. When I’m cranky, I probably shouldn’t go on facebook lol. Anyways I got to go do more stuff before I get bitched at. As if I already didn’t do a BUNCH… FML its just one of those days… *Big Sigh* Peace Outtie!!


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Missin Summer


Summer, oh how I miss you. I miss your warm sunshine, beaches & flip flops. I miss camping, bonfires & fishing. I miss ice cream trips,sidewalk chalk, & kites.


Shaylyn loves snow but she also loves playgrounds & beaches. I miss BBQing with friends & random late night swims.


We have barely gotten any snow this year & trust me, I am thankful. It just that its been unusally warm this winter,which is getting me excited for spring cause there has been days when its has been warm enough & felt like spring.


This year is gonna be Shay’s last summer before she starts school. We have big plans this summer. She went camping for the 1st time last summer & to my surprise, she loved it. She hates bugs so I thought it was gonna be a whiny adventure but nope. I just bought a huge 13 person size tent & we camped on the lake, mind you we had 2 air mattresses but it was her 1st time camping.


That’s all for now. I’m just really missing the warm weather & the fun activities that come with it. It makes me sad lol Peace Easy!!

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Fake Is The New Trend And Everyone Seems To Be In Style


I wrote earlier about how I was bored, well my evening went from a boring one to an annoying one :\ I went to Michael’s to find scrapbook stuff & Neil gets a call. His friends needed a drive, so of course, that’s what we had to do. Now, I like this couple, don’t get me wrong, BUT was it absolutely that big of an emergency we had to flee the store & rush to them?? No, no it wasn’t.  Oh, it gets better. We go inside with them & everything is all friendly & chatty like it normally is when we go visit. Then chickey tells me somebody I can’t stand is on their way over & to please bare with it. Mind you, they were bad mouthing this, thing, last week & now she’s coming over… FML. People are not real anymore. This thing that came over annoys my life. What she says, how she talks, how slutty she acts, desperate for attention…ugh. Its not one of those “oh she’s pretty so you don’t like her “type of girly bs. 1st of all, she’s not pretty, 2nd She just annoys me. She’s so fake, even her personality.


Normally I would say something BUT since its not my house & I was asked to PLEASE bare with it, I did. I basically just ignored everybody & played Angry Birds. If you don’t got nothing nice to say,Don’t say anything at all, is how it goes, isn’t it lol.


The things you do for friends. If it were my house, my mouth wouldn’t have been closed. I’m not, however, about to get somebody kicked out of an apartment cause of my big mouth. That’d be selfish. So it basically stayed closed. I think that was wise. Hopefully you all had an evening that wasn’t, awkward, that’s the nice name for my evening…


It won’t happen again. Just sayin. I will just leave. Don’t like being around people like her. Anyway, I’m done bitching, off for a relaxing bath. Peace Easies!!


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What to do…


Neil, Shay & I just finished watching The Smurfs & now I’m super bored…. :\ Trying to find something to entertain us is gonna be interesting, considering I’m all out of ideas. Anyways looking for suggestions. Peace Outtie!!

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Sunday with my Sissy

Sunday my sister Cheryl took Madison to a Seadogs Hockey Game & since supper wasn’t until 5 & Brooklyn got left behind, I took her with us. She’s so funny. I love her. We went to Rockwood Park to see the horses & feed the ducks.


I took a picture of this one because Shay & Brookie loved its braids. Brooklyn must have said “Horsie” like 20 times in 10 minutes.


The ducks were loving us 🙂 I know you shouldn’t feed them because it ruins their migratory pattern but since they already haven’t flown south, what are people suppose to do?? Watch them freeze & starve?? So of course instead of being part of the solution ,I’m part of the problem. I love to feed them. They are so friendly & come right over to you. I had them sitting on my boots.


Then we went to my Aunt Traci’s for supper for my mom’s & Uncle Terry’s birthday. It was my sisters Cheryl, Maddie & Brookie, Shay & Hannah, Mom & Aunt Traci , Aunt Rocky & Uncle Peter, My Uncle Terry & his GF Darlene & Neil & me there for supper.


There was ice cream cake & of course all 4 little girls had to blow the candles out lol. Neil & Peter hid out in the “Man Cave” most of the night, watching sports I’m sure. In other news, Cheryl bought Maddie a Beta Tetra fish & she named it Happy Honeybee. They went to a hockey game with her ex bf, who my sister Maddie adores, & was excited to see. That was my Sunday. Let me tell you, I sure was tired afterwards. Most activity I’ve done since being sick. Yet, I’m still having problems trying to sleep :\  PEACE!!


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Did you ever…

get the feeling, outta NO WHERE, of NOT trusting somebody?? I mean, you’re sitting in your room, watching horrible television, & all of a sudden you just feel like a certain somebody in your life is doing you wrong &you shouldn’t trust them?? Is that even normal? I’m uncomfortable with this feeling, &unsure.


I usually trust my gut feeling but this came out of no where…. its driving me crazy that I’m feeling this way. Kind of random. The more I think about it, it feels like I’m gonna have a panic attack. 😦


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One Baaaaaad Bunny Owner


Since I’ve been sick I haven’t paid much attention to my rabbit, shame on me, I know. My rabbit is, umm, well basically an “attention whore” lol. She loves it. She loves being talked to & acknowledged, she loves to be pet & given treats. If you come into my room without acknowledging her, she throws her food dish around the cage & stomps her feet until you do. Well, the past 2 days she hasn’t really ate anything. Treats, food, nothing 😦 I was getting worried. Then I realized she must be upset with me for ignoring her the past couple of days, when I say “ignore” I don’t mean “neglected”, she was still fed & had her cage cleaned everyday. I just didn’t sit & talk to her or pet her. Today I let her have free range of the house, Shay gave her a teddy to toss around, I sat with her & pet her & talked to her, so did Neil. She is now back to herself. Thank Goodness 🙂 Maybe she’s happy she pooped all over the floor today?? Something she normally doesn’t do, she goes to her cage. Payback?? Hahaha When Neil said to bring her to the vet I got scared, but thats what also made me realize I haven’t spent much time with her. She’s eating now 🙂 


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So my left side of my face, basically my lower lip & left side of my chin is numb. Has been since I got sick but today it felt “tingley” :\ WTF DOES THAT MEAN?!? uggggh 😦 we took Shay to Subway for supper & I noticed it then. Probably should have just stayed in today 😦

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You could be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare…

“Sweet dreams are made of these Who am I to disagree?Travel the world and the seven seas Everybody’s looking for something”


Between MTV, reading blogs & coughing I WILL NEVER GET TO SLEEP 😦 but I’m putting my celly up for the night, finishing the rest of  Battle of the Exes, reading a chapter, or 6, in my book & hopefully I’ll get tired or something. I mean I didn’t buy non-drowsy meds, so I don’t know why I’m not tired. Even bathed with lavender soaps & lotions,so WTF sleep?? Oh yeah, the coughing hasn’t stopped :\  *****GOOD NIGHT & SWEET DREAMS EVERYBODY!!!***** Peace!

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