The Truth About The Syria Genocide (Video) – This Is A Must-See! Watch This & Then You Decide

Lyn Leahz

Published on Aug 21, 2013… This video demonstrates how the media manufactures chaos, death… even protests to convince us the world is one big unorganized mess…

H/T Chris Kendall of Hoaxbusters

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Real life: The Vanished

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Church Of Malphas Asks… Have You Seen This Person?

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Russell Brand On Syria

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The human race is a cold-hearted one…

I'm High Off Living The Life

 I dont know why people feel the need to say things about children who have health problems. Do you think the kids asked to be born that way? Children with Autism,Down Syndrome,Anencephaly,V.A.T.E.R syndrome, or chromosome disorders…do you think thats what they wanted their life to be like? Do you think thats what their parents wanted their life to be like? Ummm, NO. Stuff happens in life that we cant always control but how dare you people be so cold hearted towards others that are different from you. Shame on you. 

     To the mothers that openly share their stories online with others and you post negative comments…who the hell do you think you are? Never judge a person until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. Even then it is not your job to pass judgement onto others.

      To be so heartless towards little INNOCENT children…

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Sadder Than Sad, The Deadbeat Dad

 Some people are just completely sad and pathetic. Especially those parents who aren’t in their children’s lives, because well lets face it, loose women and drugs are more important than raising a part of you apparently.The thing that pisses me off the most about those types of people,is how they usually have stolen pictures of their kids, memories they were never apart of most times, and share them on their goddamn social networking sites like they deserve Parent of the Year award or something…Ummm Okay then, can you explain to me what is going on in this photo or are you gonna make shit up?? Thats right,make shit up, cause the decent parent who is around is not on your friends list so you can fill in the people on yours with complete bullshit….Then the ones that defend these types of people without any knowledge of what has taken place or the crap you’re dealing with now from a deadbeat, shoot their big mouths off?? Umm excuse me there Darlin but keep your overly opinionated mouth closed before you make yourself look like a fool.  My kid’s “father” does this and so does my cousins…. deadbeats…smh…world is better off without them. The sadder part to this is I had my child’s deadbeat’s gf flap her mouth off at me, and my friends and I sat around and laughed, like legit LOL’ed over it because we all knew what was going to happen to her. Unfortunately, for the baby’s sake, not hers, it did. So now this monkey has more than 1 kid he’s not looking after. Congratulations shit head, you are just like your father…but hey, the apple dont fall far from the tree right?


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Peas & Thanks :)

Image             So we went out to check on the garden today and BAM!! Peas were grown. Say Whaaaat?? Oh yes,PEAS!! Not all but some, which makes me excited, that we actually grew something. Shaylyn, who doesn’t like peas,she did when she was a baby BUT somebody feed her green beans which she hated and has never been a fan of peas ever since, I think she gets the two confused. 

Image           So Shaylyn gets super excited and starts picking them,which not all of them were ready for harvesting,but I understand her excitement. I guess these ones werent scarey for her since we grew them. So she keeps asking to open one and wants to see what they look like but we kept telling her to hold on. Well I guess her curiosity got the best of her because it was long before I hear a little popping sound and shes popping peas out of the pods and eating them. Ummm what happened to her dislike of peas?? 

Image      After eating raw peas fresh from the garden,which Shay said tasted good cause they were sweet, she tells me to bring some back to the campsite to cook them,so I did. I’m pretty proud of our little garden and next year I am going to plant a bigger one. We had our fresh peas with supper and they were pretty good and totally pesticide free 🙂 Yay!! 


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This Sh*t Is Bananas…B*A*N*A*N*A*S



                   Today was pretty hot,and by hot I mean it was probably cooler in Hell than out here. One of those gross hot days that just by sitting around and doing nothing, you’ll sweat. Today my child wanted spaghetti for supper. Cool. Except the fact we are in a tiny camper trailer with hardly any space. So chopping up onions,mushrooms,garlic and green pepper was a bit of a task….here comes the problem,when its hot inside, you dont normally turn on things that will make it even hotter where youre at,right? Well you need a stove top if you want spaghetti. Soooooo on with the propane stove and within 5 minutes of cooking it got so hot in here I was like you’re all eating outside!! After cooking in this heat with heat, I wasnt about to clean up and clear spaces to eat indoors, which was too hot to be comfortable in anyways, so we had a…spaghetti picnic?? Yeah,thats what we’ll call it. Next time she asks for spaghetti in this heat I’m buying her canned pasta and am gonna be like SURPRISE!! Here’s supper.This shit was bananas today. 

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Cranky And Frustrated Like An Over Tired Toddler…Its Safe To Say I Think I Need A Nap!!


     Its just one of those days….Ugh It started with the lack of sleep I didnt get because I was worried about a little raccoon. So last night I’m trying to sleep and I hear something in the garbage, I’m like oh well probably just raccoons or skunks. Well it was a family of raccoons. 1 momma and 3 babies. I kept hear one make this awful screechy sound like it was scared or panicking so I opened the door to be sure it was okay. The mom and 2 babies were happily looking for food while the tiniest one was stuck in the garbage can. I was like oh I’m sure its mom will help it, now I know what the sound is, I can sleep. 45 minutes of NOT sleeping later cause I can still hear the little baby coon freaking out I woke Neil up. I was like hey man get up go get the baby raccoon…. he was just waking up from a deep sleep and didnt look like he knew much of what anything was let alone what I was talking about so I tell him again. Eventually he got up, I chased the momma and babies away being loud which allowed Neil to get outside and kick the garbage over and out pops the cutest little raccoon I have ever seen in my whole entire life. So small. It looks over at as for about 30 seconds,  almost like it was grateful for being released, and then went off to join the rest of its family. So my day started off with hardly any sleep, fun way to start the day right?? Sarcasm obviously… Then I decided to go in town and pick up some school outfits for Shaylyn,being extremely tired,probably wasnt the best idea. I got her all kinds of cute outfits and when we were done I was exhausted. Plus it being super hot today didnt help much. Now back out the campsite I’m like yes, I’m going to do some laundry, take a shower and hopefully have a nap. Well the laundry room was being used, which means I couldnt do laundry so there was no point in hopping in a shower to put on clothes that were dirty. So now I’m cranky. I have itty bitty shorty shorts for sleeping, but I would never in a million years walk around in them. That’s all I have clean. Laundry room is closed at 9pm. I’m so tired and so cranky from being tired I’m about to say F**k it and go to the showers and put on my shorts. I NEED A NAP ASAP!!. For some reason, my sugar is abnormally high today, which is weird because I havent even eaten much or anything that I normally dont eat nor have I adjusted my insulin so if anything it should be a little low. Having high blood sugars is a horrible feeling. That feeling of being so dehydrated is unexplainable and awful. So Im ready for bed anytime. Hopefully my insulin kicks in soon so I can feel “normal”. Which just makes the even more bad for me. Hope your day was better than mine….

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Have You Seen Me?? Please Re-Blog…Get Their Faces Out There

So awhile back I wrote a post about my friend Tiffany’s cousin Kim Amero who has been missing for 20+ years,in fact closer to 3 decades Kim has been missing. Remember the story of the girls missing from Ohio who nobody heard from in 10 years…their story ended as well as a missing persons story could, they were found,alive. Scott Taylor, I guy I went to high school with is also missing and his family is another one not giving up hope. I hope you re-blog this to get their faces out their. You never know right. Might not do anything, might bring up new info,or even a happy ending…regardless a family needs closure. Tiffany is one of my best friends and I went to school with Scott so these stories hit home for me a little bit.


^ This is Kim Amero who has been missing since 1985


^ This man is Randy Manuel who sent Tiffany’s family a letter and then an audio tape describing how her cousin KIM AMERO was abducted, kept captive and also where she is supposedly buried at. Sent her family on a wild goose chase. Hampton POLICE were supposed to dig up the area..and didn’t which lead to her family digging up the area in UPHAM. He is now being charged with sexaul assault incidents that happened two decades ago



^ Scott Taylor^ MISSING Scott Taylor- 6’3″ Tall- 178 lbs- Dark Blonde Hair- Blue Eyes Scott Taylor was last seen leaving the Petro-Can on Bayside Drive, headed towards Lochlomand Mall, where he met up with an acquaintance. His truck was later discovered on Ellerdale Street Saint John N.B. ANYONE with any information regarding the where-abouts of Scott Taylor please contact Crime Stopper’s at 1-800-222-TIPS

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