Poor Shay

        So for the past two weekends Shay has gone to my nans house, she has had accidents and is coming home looking like she got beat up 😦  The first time apparently she fell off the stair and smashed her face resulting in a black eye. It was soooo sad. She looked helpless, abused and pathetic with her little kid shiner, which has just started to heal. Next weekend she goes over, she jumps on the air mattress, fell down and smashed the side of her face off the futon. Of course it had to be the same side of here face so for the past 2 weeks she’s had a black eye and a bruised face… hopefully she has no accidents tonight when she goes. It looks awful. She’s so little. Looks like she got into a bar fight or something lol joking obviously but it looks horribly bad. She’s clumsy just like me. Fell, twice, yesterday going to the store. Doesn’t pay attention walking around malls and tends to get clipped by shopping carts.. ugh what am I gonna do with her lol. I hate seeing her with bruises & cuts but she is accident prone. I just wanna wrap her up in bubble wrap lol.

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The Big Two Six


     This year I celebrated my birthday on the 11th instead of the 6th, only because 2 other girls I’m close with, our bdays are all 3 days apart. Gin & Juice at  Tiff’s was how I celebrated. Plus 3 cakes, a supper at my mom’s and I got diamonds.


Victoria, Tiff, Christina and I had a great night, with special guest apperances from Katelynn and her mom Candy lol 🙂 The best part of my bday was hearing my 3 year old sister Madison sing me Happy Birthday. It was too cute.


Of course the night I drank I wore a dress and Victoria, being the nice friend she is took a pic of me pulling a Snooki and posted it on facebook lol. Thanks pal.




It was a pretty good bday. I needed a girls night. To be honest, I think we all did. Or atleast everybody said they did lol.



  Anyways homemade pizza is done which means I g2g or burn it :\ lol PEACE OUTTIE!!! xo


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Houston, I think we gotta problem…

So frustrated, confused & annoyed right now…. AHHHH!! I just feel like screaming…. can’t get into too much detail on here but I’m not impressed… FFS 😡

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*-*Irresponsible Thursday*-* ¶3@¢€!!

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That Time Of Year Again…. Boo! I wanna be young forever


So my birthday is coming up & I’m not happy about it. Usually I have plans but I don’t feel like doing anything. I didn’t realize how bummed out about this birthday I was until Tiff’s brother mentioned it. 4:20 wasn’t as great this year. I chilled with Tiff, did a few burns, then later in the evening we took all the kids to a hockey game. Getting old sucks. I can’t even fall down the stairs like I used to. Now I get all bruised & sore lol.

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Answer Me!!!!!


I hate when people don’t pick up their phone or respond to a text. I understand if your phone is dead but if its not then wtf?! If you can’t talk or don’t want to then a quick sorry don’t feel like talking, sorry I’m busy is a considerate text to send. I have no patience so I hate waiting…. especially when its about something important or about something you need an answer to. This ruined my morning soooo as of today, I’m gonna try & reply to all my texts…. lmao 🙂 just venting.. peace!!

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