Peas & Thanks :)

Image             So we went out to check on the garden today and BAM!! Peas were grown. Say Whaaaat?? Oh yes,PEAS!! Not all but some, which makes me excited, that we actually grew something. Shaylyn, who doesn’t like peas,she did when she was a baby BUT somebody feed her green beans which she hated and has never been a fan of peas ever since, I think she gets the two confused. 

Image           So Shaylyn gets super excited and starts picking them,which not all of them were ready for harvesting,but I understand her excitement. I guess these ones werent scarey for her since we grew them. So she keeps asking to open one and wants to see what they look like but we kept telling her to hold on. Well I guess her curiosity got the best of her because it was long before I hear a little popping sound and shes popping peas out of the pods and eating them. Ummm what happened to her dislike of peas?? 

Image      After eating raw peas fresh from the garden,which Shay said tasted good cause they were sweet, she tells me to bring some back to the campsite to cook them,so I did. I’m pretty proud of our little garden and next year I am going to plant a bigger one. We had our fresh peas with supper and they were pretty good and totally pesticide free 🙂 Yay!! 


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Bears In The Garden

So Miss Shaylyn & I started a garden, and this time we’ve actually remembered to take care of it lol. Anyways we planted carrots,peas,potatoes,turnips & strawberries. The only thing that hasn’t sprouted we’re the berries. Ever since we started the garden, I’ve noticed more wildlife. I mean, sure there’s always wildlife but there’s been more sightings now instead of the occassional woodpecker. We’ve caught snapping turtles, salamanders, frogs, released em all of course after a photoshoot but still, and they are always found near the garden. So the other day I went out to water it, and noticed something wrong in the potatoes and turnips, thinking somebody was being inconsiderate and trampled threw Shay’s garden, I started to get upset. Then I took a closer look. Paw prints. Big ol black bear paw prints. I cant really cuss a bear out now can I? Since the garden is on Neil’s Gramp’s land, beside a brook and full of apple trees, its like the perfect spot for a bear… here’s hoping the nosey furball stays out of it. x-Fingers Crossed-x Oh Summers in New Brunswick     

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Green Thumb?? pfft these plants dont have a chance

So Neil and I have decided that we are going to grow flowers and strawberries this year. Plus we both thought it was a great idea for Shaylyn to help out because children tend to grow things when they get into school anyways and she will learn from it because its something you have to take care of and she has a better memory when it comes to watering plants than Neil or me. Theres lots of learning activities from plants and crafts I can do with her so this seems like a great idea, so far.

Except I always tend to kill things,such as house plants. Except my tree,which is funny because I have a VERY ugly tree that I tried to kill off and it just kept thriving,so now I wanna keep the ugly thing cause its a survivor lol so I gave it an ugly name,Gertrude. Also in middle school I despised my teacher and we were growing flowers for our outdoor school garden and my science teacher told me “too much Miracle Grow will kill them” so I “overdosed” her flowers with some MG and go figure the friggin flowers grew faster and were the prettiest 😦 I think I death stared my science teacher for a week lol. So maybe if I tried killing our plants they will live?! JOKIN I’m not gonna intentionally kill my so far new non-exsisting plants,well on purpose anyways.

Neil tends to kill off pets, so I don’t know how he’s gonna keep a plant living. Well he didn’t kill them off but within 1 month his mouse died and his bunny and his cat, who was my fav, ran away. I think he needs to have a talk with his mother or his Uncle Jack because they both are good gardeners. His Uncle grows all kinds of herbs and flowers out at their summer cottage. The property is full of it,mostly herbs not flowers. Everything from mint to basil to sage, you name it, he’s probably grown it. I never really appreciated the set up much because, well it was hot and summer and theres a lake,but when it started to get a bit colder and I was reading one of the books he had up at the cottage about herbs and what they can do for you ,I went outside to have a look because Neil said something about mint and found all the different things that were planted there. Neil was laughing at me because I was like “wow! did you know your Uncle planted ……. ?” couple seconds later “do you know you have ……….. growing here?” I know, I’m a dork.

Flowers out at the cottage

So we purchased wild flowers-butterfly garden, Red Dragon,and strawberries. Which apparently can be started in late winter so yay! lol.  After I bought these I noticed a small little sign over certain seeds saying ”low maintenance”. Figures. That’s exactly what I want, not because I tend to procrastinate but because I hate bugs. So the less work I gotta do in an area full of bugs the happier I am. Neil is scared of spiders. So hopefully we won’t be screaming the whole time we are trying to plant our garden.
I am going to be writing blogs about the whole thing and how the plants are coming along . Which shouldn’t be too many considering I don’t think they have a good chance at surviving. This isn’t the first time I’ve tried to grow something. Even when I was a child in school and they tell you the Jack and the Bean Stalk story and then get you to plant a bean and take it home to take care of it. Mine died. I forgot about my tiny bean stalk in like 2 days. Mind you, I was like 5 at the time but still. My little bean stalk had no chance coming home with me. It was pretty much DOA when I got it there. In middle school when we were suppose to plants flowers I was flipping out about the ant larvae we found and no longer wanted to do it. I threw worms on Mr.Stewart’s truck instead. 
I’m not worried about Shaylyn forgetting though. She’s so helpful and considerate and she is only 4. Neil and I went to the ARL and saved a bunny, that I named Tater and Shaylyn willingly wants to help clean her cage EVERY night and has done so for over a year now. She’s a very bright child with a beautiful mind and big heart. So if these plants have any chance of surviving, I think its gonna be because of her. 
Neil and I are both procrastinators. Not like an everyday, all day type of procrastinator but we have “tendencies” to wait to do something or just push something aside to do something else. It all really depends on who we are with and what we are currently doing. I was thinking about starting the strawberries tomorrow but I probably won’t for a couple days. I know myself.I just wanted to grow strawberries because they keep coming back every year and Shay loves them. If these die I’m just gonna drag her to a U-pick lol. I would say “wish us luck” but I think the better choice of words would be “wish our plants luck” lol

You can bury a lot of troubles digging in the dirt. ~Author Unknown


In gardens, beauty is a by-product. The main business is sex and death. ~Sam Llewelyn

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