Facebook Is Such A Headache…This Is What I Get For Commenting

  • sad to say but we have to give our dog away, we are moving next week and need our dog placed in a great home , her name is Harley , she is an older dog and will get along with some cats. Must pick up need her placed as soon as possible.
    sad to say but we have to give our dog away, we are moving next week and need our dog placed in a great home , her name  is Harley , she is an older dog and will get along with some cats. Must pick up need her placed as soon as possible.
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    Kelly Vautour Come on….take her with you!!!

    Kelly Vautour's photo.
    Jamie-Lynn Kathleen Lindsay is she good with children? all up to date with needles? is she fixed?
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    Mira Lynn Hebert It is NOT hard to find a place that accepts dogs. Think of how attached she is to you, come ON! Poor thing. Thinking she has a forever home just to be dropped off with someone else. That’s just sad.
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    Melanie Walsh Way to make someone feel bad. God grow up people
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    Laura-Marie Callaghan hope you find.someone to take her i would be i got 5 cats
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    Ken Drew Things aren’t always easy as they seem Mira.
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    Jenna LeBlanc Make people feel bad? I don’t think that’s what’s going on here. People are just compassionate towards animals. A pet is part of your family. You wouldn’t give up your child or move into a building that doesn’t allow children, so why do it to your pet. Post an ad on Kijiji looking for a place that allows dogs within your budget for living and I’m sure you’ll more than likely get a response.
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    Leyne Gunter Why are people always ragging on people giving animals away?? You don’t know them, or what they’re going through with having to give this dog away! So unless you, or someone you know can help find this dog a home don’t comment.
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    Kelly Vautour Sorry….I guess that because I am a TRUE animal lover I find it difficult to understand why people give up on a family member, especially a senior one….this is why the shelters are so full. Our city is overrun with unwanted animals and I just wish that when a person takes home that little puppy or kitten they would stop to think that it is a lifetime commitment. I do apologize for having such a strong opinion when it comes to “obligation” and the love of a pet but I feel there is only one reason possible for giving up on them……their owner has passed away or is too ill to care for them!!!! I hope and pray that this dog is placed in a terrific home for the rest of her precious life……a forever home!!!
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    Jenna LeBlanc Because an animal isn’t a toy lady. They get attached to you. Its not like a doll where you can carry it around all of the time and then when you get bored or tired with it sell it or give it away. That’s why there is paper work to be filled out at the SPCA asking if you can provide the animal with a home and can afford not only to feed and house it but afford vet bills. Everyone says yes. Then months later you see 30+ plus ads for free kittens or puppies online because their owner “forgot” or couldn’t afford to have their pet fixed. Most people know, a pet isn’t a small commitment. You are basically taking on a furry family member until it passes away.
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    Jessie Isabell Grace O’Brien Try looking on one of these sites were a person was opening a Rescue for dogs not sure of the name but it was some were out in redhead area maybe they will take this handsome boy
    Kelly Vautour I believe the dog is a girl Jessie and a beautiful one at that….thanks Jenna for explaining the depth of commitment for an animal….I share your opinion and love of furry family members 
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    Jessie Isabell Grace O’Brien oops ..still a beautiful dog male or female and really hope things work out for the best for her 
    Leyne Gunter lol for being true and die hard animal lovers I dont see either of you taking in this dog? Maybe these people are moving a distance away and the travel would be too hard on the dog or something. I don’t know because I dont know them, just like you. You dont have to make a hard situation worse by voicing an unwanted opinion. Im sure there’s lots of situations where peopleare being irresponsible but why attack anyone who has to get rid of their animals? And as for the city being ober run with strays, that has NOTHING to do with rehoming and everything to do with not neutering or spaying every animal around.
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    Jessie Isabell Grace O’Brien yes I Agree we should never judge …
    Samantha Keleher The way I look at it is, would you try n sell ur kid(s) online because you didn’t have an extra bedroom for them? Doubt it, same as pets, what you would do is to keep looking for the house or apartment that has the extra bedrooms for your kids, or that allowed pets. Most places don’t allow because people act careless towards their animals, & don’t clean up after them or leave them tied up all day or aren’t around to take care of them, Jenna is right if you have a pet, it’s your obligation to take care of that pet, u don’t leave family members behind why would you leave a pet if they were apart of your family? – sad.
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    Mira Lynn Hebert When I rescued my dog on a raid with the SPCA, I wasn’t allowed to have a dog in my apartment. So I did what any sensible logical person would do, I FOUND A NEW PLACE TO LIVE. When you make a commitment to ANY animal, you are committing to loving, caring and protecting that animal like you would your own child. You don’t away a member of your family just because you have to relocate. You make it work FOR them. I had a hard time finding an apartment but I made it work.

    Lucky for me, I found a place that took both animals AND children. So it’s kind of like a 2-for-1 

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    Jenna LeBlanc Take it in when I’ve already taken in a rescued rabbit, kitten and chinchilla from not only ads on Kijiji but from the ARL. There is such a thing as having too many animals and not enough room. Which is why I am smart enough to not commit myself to this animal since I know there would be no room for her nor do I have a yard for her to run around in or the time to be taking her on walks for exercise TYVM. So sorry I’m not about to make a commitment I can’t fulfill
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    Theresa Hachey Best of luck to all involved.
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    Samantha Keleher How could anybody just take it another dog? What if someone had kids? The post doesn’t say, good with kids, it says good with cats, some people like myself already reduced 2 dogs & a cat, & have a baby too take care of, you are so against us protecting the animal so why don’t you get the dog & keep him.
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    Kelly Vautour Ya its funny…..NOT!!!!.All the animals I have or have had are from people who gave up on them…I feed and provide shelters to ones that come to my door….again…ones turned out or given up on!!!! I am not judging but simply saying that moving is not an excuse for giving up on a senior family member….there are other alternatives!!
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    Samantha Keleher Ops rescued *
    Jennifer Pye I am not on either side but I’ve noticed quite a bit when people try to find homes for their animals on social media sites people will tell them how wrong it is and how they should be keeping the animal. I am just worried that if people keep doing this than people are going to be too ashamed to try to find homes for their animals and some may just start putting them outside  I am not saying the person in on this post would ever do that and I am not saying that stating an opinion is wrong, just a worry that popped into my head
    Leyne Gunter And thats an opinion. My point is, im tired of people always attacking someone whos giving an animal away. Have your opinion but keep it to yourself. Its annoying when no one is actually trying to help out, theyre just being all greater than thou and making people feel bad. I have three cats, the only way id ever get rid of them is if I were to have a child be alleric to them. But if that were to happen id feel awful, and I know I wouldn’t put them on online yard sale, because id probably be bawling everytime someone made a comment like these. All im saying is people may feel bad enough, why make it worse.
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    Kelly Vautour Very True Jennifer…I would sooner have someone TRYING to place their animal rather then just leaving it behind…Good Luck little girl….I really do hope you find your forever home!!!
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    Jenna LeBlanc Try a vet. Its a long shot but my friend gave his dog away threw his vet. An older couple had to have their dog put down and wanted another animal without having a long time commitment since they were older. It worked out for everyone involved. It may work out for you. The vet recommended them and said they were good and their dog was always updated with needles and stuff. Give it a try. You never know.
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    Sarah J Curran Hope u find a wonderful home….but whatever u do….please please dont just put the dog down….
    Dave Snyder Pay the surrender fee and take him to the shelter!
    Morgan Stewart Why are only about two of the comments actually about re-homing the dog? If everyone cares so much about this dog, how about instead of taking the time to voice your opinion on the matter and get into silly little arguments (which in no way will help t…See More
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    RoseMary Hebert Richardson I thank people for giving their own kids away when they cant take care of them instead of killing them…..and i thank people for finding new homes for their animals when they cant take care of them. So thank you Peter for trying to find a home….Harley may be heartbroken for a little while but you are saving her life. Hope your health is ok.
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  1. Reblogged this on I'm High Off Living The Life and commented:
    I find it super sad how easy it is for people to just give up on their pets. The girl that says you people dont know him, ummm news flash honey, I do. He also abandoned a bunch of cats before from a previous relationship and left them behind. That’s why I spoke up.

  2. Sooo, did you find Harley a new home? * smiles*

    • No, I gave advice though. I just feel bad because I dont understand how you can just give a pet away so easily, especially an older pet thats been with you for awhile. As for the girl who left the remark saying you dont know them, well newflash Honey, I hate to burst her bubble but unfortunately I know him, his gf however no, but I do know that when him and his last gf broke up they abandoned their cats

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