I speak the truth, but I guess that’s a foreign language to y’all

So the bullshit continues… not surprised. My douchebag Aunt is acting like a childish teenager. She is calling up family members we actually like & is telling them my sister & I are bad mouthing them. Really?! Holy way to act like a child. My other Aunt, who is on bed rest & pregnant, called up my sister all worried. Anyways Lisa is a liar, telling my mother and her sisters she worked with Nuns on Cliff St. as a PSW worker. I didn’t believe it. Neither did my sister. Sooooo I made some phone calls. The Nuns haven’t beeen on Cliff St. ( Hooker Ville) for awhile. My nan is friends with somebody who actually does work for them. We called her up.. She has never been employed there and one of the Nuns knew her and discribed her. According to the Nun, she’s a hooker. I’m not surprised. It all adds up. Why she works nights. Why she buys huge Costco size boxes of condoms. How she’s still in housing. If she were a PSW worker for the Nuns, she’d make PSW salary. My friend brings in $800 minimum every 2 weeks. If she made that type of money, housing wouldn’t let her stay there. I’m gonna catch her walking the streets & video tape the confrontation. My Mom believes EVERYTHING she says, which disgusts me.

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