DIY Downy Burnables


what a great idea…sorry Yankee candles/melts LOL

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This is the DIY project of a lifetime. Inexpensive. Easy. Foolproof. I read about this type of project a long time ago but I don’t know what products were used and/or if it was successful.

I always buy Downy Unstopables Scent Booster. I’ve done so since they came out. I always loved “lavender vanilla” everything for my laundry. Detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, and, of course, my Unstopables, Lush scent.

Naturally, I got tired of the smell after about 5 years of my “lavender vanilla” obsession. I mourned it and moved on. By this time, I had transitioned to free and clear detergent for no harmful substances but was looking for a good smell to add to my laundry with Unstopables. To my surprise, a new scent had come out called Shimmer. It was pink, sweet, and cute so I bought it!

Months after using this wonderful…

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Recycled Crayon DIY

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My preschooler has a ton of crayon pieces that are too small to use. When this happens I melt the pieces in a shaped tray and make fun multicolored crayons. This is a good way to recycle the crayons and make them useable again.

What you will need:Crayons, Mold, knife, cutting board, crayons and hot pads.

1. The first thing you have to do is decide which crayons you are going to use and sort them by color.

IMG_2746 new

2. Then you peel the crayons. It is easiest to peel the crayon by making a slit down one side of the crayon with a knife first.


3. Once the crayons are peeled I cut them into pieces 1/4inch or smaller. Then I place the pieces into a silicone Ice cube tray. (I have been told that candy molds work well too).


Note. This ruined my ice cube tray and made it…

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Gabon: In the past decade as many as 15,000 of its 22,000 forest elephants have been slaughtered; destroyed by China’s lust for ivory

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One man’s war on the ivory poachers of Gabon

As a frenzy of ivory poaching in central Africa brings forest elephants to the   brink of extinction, in Gabon a British-born zoologist has joined forces   with the president to declare war on the hunters. Photographs by James Morgan

In July 2012 President Ali Bongo Ondimba of Gabon ordered the destruction of seized ivory worth about $10 million Photo: James Morgan/WWF-canon

By Martin Fletcher

7:00AM GMT 03 Feb 2014


From the air the Minkébé National Park in the central African state of   Gabon   would inspire wonder in even the most jaded traveller. Its steamy   equatorial rainforest stretches from horizon to horizon, unbroken by a   single track or human habitation, punctuated only by occasional swamps and   granite outcrops. It is a dense green jungle the size of Belgium, with   towering trees – some hundreds of years old and 150ft high…

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The V Day Disaster…Ok Not A Disaster But Still…

Ever plan something and it not go right at all? Well, personally, can’t say that I have considering, I’m a huge procrastinator and leave everything to the last minute or just go with the flow…plans?? Who needs em? If you don’t make plans than you won’t be disappointed when they don’t follow through. Oh, yeah…I’m an adult and adults tend to plan things out…oh what I wouldn’t give to have an carefree night like in my youth. Still, being an adult, doesn’t stop me from procrastinating. So that being said, I made plans.                                                

So I posted the other day about the lilies I received for an early V day gift and what I planned on making for supper since the weather outside wasn’t the greatest. That’s basically all I planned. Make supper. Pick up a V day gift for Shay. Well my day started off as a surprise, as Shay and I had breakfast bought for us. Great way to wake up and it wasn’t expected. Sweet. Then I got a second bouquet of flowers, orchids, as a make up gift for the early lilies. Day is starting off great.                                                                    Image           So I get up to make caramel apples. Which were delicious!!


Give Shay her V day gift, which she loved. I dont get her junk/treats cause she’s not big on sugar so it goes to waste.


Next was supper…so I got the ham out and all glazed and pineapple on top and then I layered up the casserole dish with potatoes and onions for the potato scallop. Cool. I turned the oven on to preheat it and while its preheating I was doing the flour/milk/butter/salt/pepper mix to pour on top of the potatoes. Well, what does my oven go and do?? Catch fire… ugh!! Of course this happens to me. The damn element decided it wanted to burn my house down I guess. Sooooo since everything was already and I had no oven to cook in, I had to haul ass to my mom’s,who luckily for me lives one street over. So my driveway is treacherous. We have two big full of food dishes we need to bring and cook. Cant wait for this day to be over. 



Ask the girls for a Valentine’s picture and this is what I get lol. One being a creeper, one with their arms crossed, saying “Hmmmp!” back turned and mean mugging and the other one chuckin the deuce up. Hope your V day was better than ours LOL. 

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Cold War Consequences

Originally posted on Bren Writers:

Fukushima! Fueled by flashbacks of Cold War panic they blame it on Fukushima.

“The fish are radioactive! They can’t be eaten!  We’ll never have sushi again!”

“Whales are washing up on our beaches! They’ve been radiated to death!”

“Don’t visit California! The ocean will kill you!”

Blame it on Fukushima!

Now there is a new target for nuclear hysteria. California’s sea stars are dying. Dead. And in some places already gone.

There is of course a simple explanation.  This mass die off has happened several times before. But those lackluster headlines have long been forgotten. They don’t instill fear like the imminent possibility of nuclear fallout.  Memories of bomb shelters can’t be erased. Nuclear drills and radiation training films can’t be unremembered.

So, like the inedible fish, the beached whales, and the deadly Pacific, the dying sea stars are blamed on a fictive deadly radioactive plume. It’s Fukushima!

Those of…

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Snowed In On Valentines

So the weather outside is frightful, but staying inside is so delightful ;) Let it snow bitches. I already got my V Day gift, Lillie’s,my fav flower, in a mason jar. It was super cute  :) Tomorrow day however, we’re just gonna chill inside since we are currently getting a snow storm. So Valentine’s will consist of Ham and Potato Scallop and Peas for supper, which I took out of the freezer last minute, considering I wanted to go out, but not in this nasty weather. Thinking of making apple churros, caramel apples or red velvet cupcakes for dessert. Also invited any single or lonely friends over, considering I always make way more food than we actually eat, so its not an inconvenience to feed a few others. My friends closest to me already sent out their I love yous and Happy Valentine’s Days, same as me.Plus I received Lindor Lindt chocolates and the cutest Valentines ever from Shay :)  Hope you all have a wonderful day. Even if you are single and alone, that don’t mean shit. Enjoy it with friends. Enjoy it alone. Just be sure to enjoy your day. If nobody loves ya, I do ;)                                                                                                     ImageImage

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This is absolutely sick, disgusting and horrible… These poor people

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DIY Valentine’s Day Conversation Magnets

Originally posted on Make Something Mondays!:

DIY Valentine's Day Conversation MagnetsI was walking through the grocery store the other day looking at the Valentine’s Day candy when I saw conversation hearts. I wrinkled my nose because I immediately imagined the chalky taste associated with them. I guess it depends on your taste, but I’m not wild about them. So, I decided to make conversation magnets for Valentine’s Day instead. They are useful and cute!


DIY Valentine's Day Conversation Magnets materialsThings You Will Need:
Accent gems
Diamond Glaze
Scrapbook paper
Magnetic tape strips

*You can get the gems from the Dollar Store and the magnetic tape strips from Walmart.

Ignore the paint brush. I don’t know why I put it in the picture, but you won’t need it.


DIY Valentine's Day Conversation Magnets


Step 1:
Pick a pretty Valentine’s Day paper that is pink or red and trace the gem. When you cut it out, cut inside of the circle to make it a bit…

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The Lazy Gardener: No Fuss Produce

Originally posted on Brains Body Beauty:

It might be the inner child in me, but I get really excited when I watch things growing from my own efforts.  I’m also fairly lazy. With those two factors in mind here’s how to grow your own spring onions.

Spring onions are independent little fellows that don’t need much coddling to get the job done, so this is a simple, no fuss way of re-growing your spring onions.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  •             Spring onions (just from the supermarket)
  •             Bowl, jar or cup
  •             Vase or tall cup
  •             Tap water

If you’re anything like me you’ve probably bought a bunch of around 12 spring onions, used 4 for a recipe and then left them to wilt and rot in your fridge till it comes time to throw…

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One Of Those Days….

   Did you ever wake up and were just crazy emotional for no reason? Well, welcome to my day. Also was a huge creep bag on FB and seen some shit posted about a deceased friend of mine that I know is complete BS. Which set me off. I dont know why all these so called  “ex’s” and “bff’s” magically appear when somebodies passes, but where the hell were you when they were alive?! Really though…. So now I am up to 9 supposed “gf’s” he had when he passed away. Cause you know when somebody dies, everyone dated him or was pregnant, yet none of these supposed kids were born. I get emotional over this because I feel like he should still be here. Time doesn’t heal anything. I always wonder who he’d be today if he were here and there’s just moments in my life that I feel like he should of been apart of or missed out on. Times when a certain song or somebody saying something or a series of events that just make me think of him. Rest peacefully dear friend. You are never forgotten. 


   Also today my little bro commented on a post a wrote on his wall last week which made me tear up. Let me explain this situation, as he isnt biologically my brother, but blood doesnt mean you have to love and neither does not being related mean somebody isnt your family. His mom, my Aunt Lisa, use to be my mom’s best friend. They hung out, grew up in the same neighborhood, she has always been in my life. In fact her whole family has. They are like an extended fam to me. I was always at Lisa’s as a child. Always. When I was in high school I lived with her. Which made Jonathan feel like a little brother to me. We played PS2 together, he use to sing me songs on his karaoke machine, I remember I would go in his room and sleep with him and watch kid movies when he had nightmares LOL, one night after watching Signs, he woke up freaking so me and him had a Harry Potter night until he fell back asleep. I’ve known him his whole life. Anyways I will post what I wrote and this is what made me tear up, cause I’m a huge baby obviously.


  • I can’t believe how grown up you are.. drinking, gf’s, tatted all up,its makes me feel super old. Always think of you as little Jonathan that I played PS2 with hahaha love ya like a brother buddy. Always will. You and your mom and Tammy were like my extended Fam. Proud of you and who you turned out to be and this summer I’m stealing ya to come fishing and have some beer with us. Love you guys tooLisa Dignard and Tammy Dignard
      Jenna LeBlanc Oh and come visit me butthead I live right by you now on Montreal Ave!!
      Jonathan Ewart I would love too !! I miss you very much we need to get together soon  love ya
        And that right there is what tore at my heart. Probably doesn’t help matters that my sister in law, also had a complicated birth this weekend. She was over her due date. Got induction gel a whole whack of times, which did nothing for her, so they gave her an experimental drug to see if that would help. Seeing her go threw her contractions was sad, cause I felt so bad for her. Then her water broke and her little bubs decided to make an appearance almost 12 hours later,which also was complicated cause he had the umbilical cord wrapped around him and fluid in his little lungs. He is now here however, and healthy, but he is in NNICU. Momma is doing fine, and no longer has IV, so hopefully they both can go home very soon. 
          Funny how a series of events can make you so emotional.I just feel like anything said to me at this moment could probably make me cry. That being said, we went to the florist to get some flowers for Mim and the florist was a complete weirdo. I guess I walked in with 6 heads or something because everything i said, she would just pause and stare at me for like ten minutes afterwards, not saying anything. Then she says to me “Oh, do you want me to go out back and make it for you?” Ummm yeah lady, like did you want me to go out back and make it myself?? Then she says, oh well, are you gonna wait in here, its gonna be a 20 minute wait and Ne says Yes, and I’m like Hell no that lady was weird, I’m not waiting in there. Cause it was an uncomfortable feeling afterwards. Anyways…just having one of those days lol
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